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As an industry leader, Hengyu was responsible for drafting the national standard for canned pears and the industry standard for canned pears.
39 years ago, the state-owned Shandong Rushan Cannery, the founder of the Hengyu brand, has entered Europe and the United States and has become a Chinese partner and product supplier of famous European and American canned food brands.
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The company mainly produces all kinds of canned fruits, supplemented by vegetable products, frozen foods, etc., focusing on product research and development, and diversifying the products, forming canned pears, canned cherries, canned apricots, canned yellow and white peaches
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"Natural canned fruit" to invigorate the spleen
What are the functions and functions of grapefruit? Chinese medicine believes that grapefruit flesh is cold in nature, sweet and sour, and has the medical effects of relieving cough and asthma, clearing heat and reducing phlegm, strengthening spleen and digestion, and relieving alcohol and trouble. Known as "canned natural fruits". But how much do you know about the effects and effects of grapefruit? Let's take a look at the effects and effects of grapefruit.
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